London Property Search. What happens and what’s included?


The Initial Brief

The first step in the property search process is for us to arrange a meeting with you to build a precise picture of your requirements and objectives. We will give you a realistic view of what is possible and what could be achieved within the parameters you have outlined.


Property Search & Viewings

Using this information, we will start searching for you. We will use our full range of contacts and we will preview potential properties on your behalf in order to compile a shortlist of the most appropriate.  All tours are chauffeur driven to ensure the trip is relaxing, productive and discreet.



Once you are completely satisfied with a property, and want to move towards purchase, we will start our own due diligence process to research the property further on your behalf. Once we are satisfied that the property has ‘no stories’, we will negotiate the price on your behalf. Unlike estate agents, who work for the seller, our role as your adviser means we work only for you and our aim is to ensure you pay as little as possible.


Ensuring completion

Once a price has been agreed that is satisfactory to you, we will then do everything we can to ensure that a smooth transaction takes place. We will deal with the estate agent or private seller, solicitors, surveyors, mortgage lenders and all other parties to expedite the process through to completion, whilst keeping you constantly updated on progress.


Post Transaction

If you require further help or advice on any matter related to your property purchase, from design and refurbishment to organising tenants or planning permissions, we are here to help.