London Property Search in Kensington and Chelsea. Buyer beware!

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Those looking to buy property in prime London areas have only one aim – to buy the best property on the best possible terms. For many, this will be the biggest and most important purchase of their lives, so care and diligence need to be used. However, with over 300 estate agents operating in central London (and only one Property Point), the market favours the seller and results in buyers overpaying and being exposed to unnecessary levels of pressure in many cases.

Remember, estate Agents are legally obliged to sell their clients property for the highest possible price. They only have a ‘thin legal duty’ to buyers. In Kensington and Chelsea, every agent has many, many buyers on their books. They do not mind which one of these clients actually buys the property they are selling as long as the price achieved is acceptable to their client, the seller.

Estate Agents are not the only source though. Some of the finest properties do not pass through any estate agents hands. There can be a number of reasons for this (Off Market Property in Kensington and Chelsea fact or fiction?) but we have been able to find properties for clients in many different ways. Sometimes it’s the old fashioned way –  identify the exact location a client wishes to buy, and narrow down the search to a handful of houses or flats. A well worded and courteous letter has been known to attract interest and lead to a sale – often from sellers who were thinking about instructing an estate agent but for whatever reason, never got round to it. Other ways include advertising in various media, listing the specifics of what the client is looking for in the hope a vendor will pick up the phone and even through sheer nosiness, invite us to view their home or investment. Doormen and concierge in portered mansion blocks often know more about the comings and goings within their properties than anyone else – they have been know to discreetly mention to one of their residents that they have the details of someone that might be interested in viewing their property for example. Landlords are also an amazing source of off market property – we know several landlords that own multiple properties in Kensington and Chelsea, they are often the first call we make when a client engages us as they are often looking to reduce or add to their portfolios for a variety of reasons.


It is perfectly possible to buy the perfect home or investment in London at the right price, without stress and frustration making the whole transaction feel like an ordeal. Most people find that whilst it should work smoothly, it rarely does. Property Point aims to remove the stress and unpleasantness from the process, and even more importantly, negotiate the correct price for the correct property.