Westbourne Grove flat found and secured, then the hard work begins..

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We have found and successfully negotiated the purchase of a wonderful flat on a prime street within 100 yards of Westbourne Grove. It is on the third floor of  a well kept and attractive period building and the sale has been progressing smoothly until recently. With contracts about to exchange, I decided to pop round and check the flat had been emptied of all the previous owners belongings. We always do this as there’s nothing worse than stepping foot inside your new purchase, often with expectant and excited parents and  loved ones in tow to find a month old take away staring back at you. I have cleared all sorts of rubbish from flats and houses in order to make the place more presentable to clients of Property Point.

This week was quite odd. My client is an International businessman and is only able to view property when he drops into London between flights , so time is crucial. I had arranged for one of the handymen we reguarly use to come and spruce up the flat next week so it would be looking its best before we dressed it for rental next month (we are aiming for a 5% yield). I didn’t expect to find several box-sets of mob favourite ‘The Sopranos’ spread out around the flat and seemingly left by someone in a hurry. I’m not sure whether this was a well intentioned gift or a very thinly veiled warning to the new owner to look after the flat?

With the new owner completing only 4 days after exchange I also had to take all the meter readings for the utilities so he could have everything in order. The hard work for a property finder really begins once a suitable property is found and purchased. My top 5 activities seem to be…1. Locating old and getting new keys cut for clients before completion 2. Taking meter readings to ensure the utilities are paid for and uptodate before the client takes them over  3. Measuring rooms for specific furniture clients plan to move in  4. Negotiating with craftsmen when clients wish to spruce up new purchases ahead of moving in or renting them out 5. Advising on local schools and making appointments for clients to have tours