‘A £7m budget and I feel poor’…

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What price a family home?…… A client is looking for a family home in Kensington or Holland Park, and after months of weekend viewings and bids falling through, has engaged our services. As usual, we will not overcomplicate the process, our aim is to simply save him and his family time and money. We had an interesting conversation last week about how hard he had worked for 25 years and the ‘sweat equity’ he’d expended to become the CEO of a hugely successful listed business. Now in the position to buy a family home in Central London, he was mindful of all the missed birthday parties, the broken promises and the bedtime stories read via FaceTime….. And only to be made to feel that his £7m budget is deemed insufficient to buy a house that he can be proud of (it’s not, and we’ll prove it to him). ‘Has the world gone mad’ he asks, and the answer is ‘no’, it just got richer. We are working on getting access to a 5 bedroom, 3200 sq ft house on Kensington’s finest garden square, (3 acres of perfection) I’m hoping to make his sacrifices seem worthwhile!

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