Why use a property search agent in Kensington and Chelsea?

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Buyers considering spending over £500,000 have often used Property Search agents, or Property Finders (same thing) to source and negotiate property for them for many years. It is estimated that over 60% of buyers spending £3m plus now choose to be represented by Property Finders. Clients that are increasingly time poor are not prepared to view 20 properties before finding the right one – this is where we come in.

We are the property search firm that only covers Kensington and Chelsea. We believed that it was impossible to be a true expert on a city as vast as London. We only work in the Royal Borough and represent clients looking to acquire property in this area. Many clients are looking to buy for investment reasons, combined with providing accommodation for their children who may be studying in London for example. Other clients are end users, fed up with viewing countless properties that do not match the potential they showed in the estate agents brochure.

London has over 300 estate agents working for the seller and we believe that by having professional representation, buyers using Property Point London can save themselves time and money. Property is only worth what someone will pay but a good transaction, and one that is most likely to reach completion, is one where both sides leave the deal happy but feeling they gave a small amount of ground to the other side, to get the deal done.

Many days we view over 10 properties on behalf of clients, often property that is off market or not being actively marketed on the various media. This window, between the valuation and preparation of a glossy brochure is the key time period where we are allow our clients to view and decide on property without having countless other bidders competing against them. From the estate agents side, our buyers are simply better prepared and more serious about acquiring a new home or investment. We make sure that all our clients have finance in place (if required) as well as lawyers and surveyors BEFORE making any offers. This means that when a Property Point client makes an offer, it is more likely to reach exchange than when another client makes an offer – preparation is everything in a competitive market.

We have personally bought and sold property in Kensington and Chelsea for the last decade. The photos on www.propertypoint.co.uk are from projects we have personally undertaken – what is the point of advertising our firm using library photos that bear no relation to the type of property actually sourced or refurbished by the Property Seach firm you choose?

We also have children at schools in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. We know the school application process, we know the rumours (particularly the famous..’you must put your name on the waiting list as soon as your pregnant’…) and we feel able to advise parents on the most suitable school for their little ones, or at least demystify the ordeal for them!This is all part of the service and it’s things like this that really add value for our clients I believe.

From one bedroom flats to family homes, we have bought and sold and redeveloped them all, if we can help you find your next home or investment, get in touch. We know every street (go on, test us…) and our charges are transparent and fair – based on the value of the property you purchase or the saving we manage to negotiate for you – no engagement fees, no disbursements, no surprises.

www.propertypoint.co.uk – The property finder for Kensington and Chelsea

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